Ifor Williams TT3017 Tipper Trailer( 10’ X 5.6’ )

Model Details

The Ifor Williams TT3017 tipper trailer is available for sale from O’Haire Trailers. The TT3017 is the replacement for the TT105 with brand new features including, increased payload, improved side panel design, double hinged rear tailboard and storage box for the tipper control unit. This particular trailer comes with the additional ramp stowage, 8′ steel ramps, prop stands 195x60r12 tyres, light guards and a ladder rack


The tipper trailer range is fitted with a planked aluminium floor on all models. Lashing points, winches and mesh side extensions are available as accessories. This Ifor Williams tipper trailer comes with a strengthened aluminium floor as standard and is for sale at Paraic O’Haire Trailers of Mayo.


Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
TT2515 (Manual) 165R13C 2700kg 700kg 2.46m/8′ 1.49m/4’8″ 3.81m/12’3″ 1.59m/5’5″
TT3017 195/60R12C 3500kg 870kg 3.01m/9’9″ 1.62m/5’6″ 4.37m/14’1″ 1.72m/5’8″
TT3621 195/60R12C 3500kg 990kg 3.62m/11’9″ 1.95m/6’5″ 4.96m/16’7″ 2.06m/6’8″
TT2515 (Electric) 165R13C 2700kg 730kg 2.46m/8′ 1.49m/4’8″ 3.81m/12’3″ 1.59m/5’5″


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